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Annual Easter Monday Rideout 2015

Easter Monday is on its way and we're planning a quick jaunt to the coast this
year for a change inc. fish and chips if Dave has his way. We'll be leaving Junction 47 McDonald's as usual around 9.30 (weather permitting). As usual all ages, shapes and sizes welcome so if you fancy joining us please post in our forum

Shout, Shout, let it all out!
Use our Shout Box to send an instant message to the site. You can even text the Shout Box from your mobile -  send a text to 07786 200350 starting with biker then your username then your message e.g. biker stuartf watch out for the speed camera in Llangadog! (NB you only pay your normal text rate)
Want to be a millionaire?
Congratulations to mikethebike who recently became the millionth visitor to the site.

Europe in under 5 days!
Well maybe not all of Europe but at least 6 countries - Wales, England,
France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany!
If you fancy a quick scenic jaunt across the channel check out the latest post in the Touring Abroad section of our Biker Forum
Which Bike Cam?

Bumpkin and openroad have been experimenting with video cameras to find out how to get the best footage at the best price!

To get some tips and see how they're getting on take a look in the General Non-Bike Chat / bought myself a bike camera thread on our Biker Forum

PS Beware - if you're buying a bike camera don't buy one from simply electronics see here and here for the reasons why - you have been warned!!!

Rally Scores

Top Riders this month
1: alain8 - 59.01584 secs.
2: alain7 - 59.12519 secs.
3: alain9 - 59.24376 secs.
4: - 60.06128 secs.
5: alain - 60.26566 secs.
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